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S.A. Dunn & Company, LLC

S.A. Dunn & Company, LLC owns a sand and gravel mining operation that has existed since the 1800s in the City of Rensselaer and the Town of North Greenbush. The reclamation required as part of the mining permit includes grading with construction and demolition debris fill in accordance with strict modern regulations (see About Us page).

Permit Renewal

S.A. Dunn & Company, LLC submitted it's renewal application to NYSDEC. The permit renewal will not change or expand its current mining or C&D operations. The application also includes a modification to the facility to include an earth berm along to the northern and eastern side of the site that will reduce its visibility from the north. Permit application documents are available for review at the site, the Rensselaer Public Library, the NYSDEC Region 4 offices or website (https://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/117071.html#Permit) or by clicking on “Permit Renewal Application” above. An information session will be held on June 14, 2022 from 7PM to 9PM at the Rensselaer City School Auditorium for community members interested in hearing about the facility and the permit renewal process. The informational session will also be accessible virtually on June 14, 2022 from 7PM to 9PM at https://wasteconnections.zoom.us/j/91932452654 or by telephone at (929) 436-2866. Another session is planned for the summer with information provided here for that second session as it is scheduled.

Current Events

Some in the community expressed concerns about PFAS in surface and ground water around our facility, so we did more than listen, we acted. We hired an outside engineering firm to collect numerous samples for PFAS over the last year and a half. Those samples were analyzed by an independent and accredited lab. The conclusions were clear, and matched DEC’s findings: There is no PFAS issue at or around S.A. Dunn, and we are not contributing to any PFAS concentrations in groundwater or surface water. Our latest efforts in January 2021, included collecting PFAS samples from our groundwater monitoring wells and surface water monitoring locations. Detections of all PFAS compounds, including PFOA and PFOS, were well below the State’s 10 ppt drinking water standard, and in many cases were non-detectable, consistent with background readings for PFAS found across the state. Our commitment to being transparent means we will continue to collect samples from the groundwater monitoring wells surrounding the facility, and from the water flowing in the Quackenderry Creek both upstream and downstream of S.A. Dunn. We will also continue to analyze water samples for PFAS and share those results with the community. It’s our responsibility to assure through sharing information with our neighbors to show there are no reasons for concern. We want to focus on facts, not unfounded claims to heighten needless fears.
MAY 2021 UPDATE – In May 2021, SA Dunn analyzed “split” samples from groundwater monitoring wells sampled by NYSDEC contractors. The May 2021 results confirm conclusions from prior sampling efforts.

New York State DEC has been regularly testing the air quality surrounding our facility since 2019 and summarizes findings on a regular basis. In April 2020, they issued findings from additional testing at the school facility to our north for volatile organics (VOCs), particulates and certain metals and found levels “…typical of the general air quality for a suburban area.” We are pleased to have this affirmation that our facility’s operations are protective of the health of our neighbors.

Economic and Fiscal Benefits Analysis

S.A Dunn is proud of the contribution it has made to Rensselaer, the broader Capital Region and New York State as a whole, both in terms of providing a vital service and in expanding and improving economic conditions. A consultant was retained to estimate the annual economic and fiscal benefits of the Dunn Mine and C&D Facility. The full report (AKRF, January 2022) is available here , and the key findings are summarized below:

  • Annual operations support 73 jobs within New York State, including 55 jobs within Rensselaer County and 66 jobs in the four-county Capital Region.
  • Total annual economic output generated by the facility’s operations is estimated to be nearly $18.7 million within New York State, including $13.8 million within Rensselaer County and $17.3 million within the Capital Region.
  • The employment supported by the facility’s operations generates nearly $4.9 million annually in labor income within New York State, including approximately $3.6 million in Rensselaer County and $4.4 million in the Capital Region.
  • In addition to host fees, economic activities associated with the facility’s operations generate an estimated $937,000 in tax revenues annually to jurisdictions within New York State. This includes approximately $245,000 annually to local taxing jurisdictions (e.g., City of Rensselaer, Town of North Greenbush), $242,000 in tax revenues to counties in New York State, and $450,000 in New York State tax revenues.

Community Participation

S.A. Dunn & Company is an active community member in the City of Rensselaer and throughout the Capital Region. Employees reside in area communities contributing to local economies and taxes. The facility patronizes local vendors for equipment, materials and services.

Donations to local organizations:

  • City of Rensselaer Schools
  • Circle of Mercy
  • CoNCERNS-U/Tri-County Catholic Charities
  • City of Rensselaer/Christmas in the City
Sa Dunn Landfill
Sa Dunn Landfill
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